Polar Vortex - Tempestus Scions Test Model

Warhammer 40,000 – My painting queue is incredibly full at the moment. One of the projects I’ll be working on is a Tempestus Scion force with a Knight detachment. This client had another painter start work on the force and wasn’t happy with how they turned out. White models are typically really hard to make look good especially for something that’s meant to be viewed at arms length. Arctic Camo tends to be completely white which is also incredibly hard to paint well. Typically you’d start with a blue or a gray and work you way up to pure white. For a single model this is pretty reasonable, but for a larger force that much blending would take more time than most people would be willing to pay for.

The first thing I noticed about the models he had that were already painted was the lack of contrast. At arms length it was hard to tell that they were anything but white. The first step would be to plot out a different scheme that gives the impression of “Arctic Camo” with significantly higher contrast so they pop on the table and look good from arms length.

The second thing that bother me was the basing, the chunky rocks didn’t look natural as either ice or rock, and even though I plan on adding snow flock to the bases after I’m done, I don’t think it will look right. Instead I added my standard sand mixture to the new model and went with a dark gray stone color. This give a good contrast between them model and the base.

I’m pretty happy with how the test model came out. Unless there’s major tweaks needed I’ll be starting the full force soon.