Battle Honors - Update (Week 4)


Warhammer 40,000 – Our Battle Honors campaign has moved into the fourth week. This week we played the fourth Eternal War mission from Chapter Approved 2018. With the weather improved there were four of us so we played two 1000 point 1v1 games. Xenos vs Imperial and Chaos vs. Imperial. We had the non-imperial players roll off to choose their table and opponent before setting up the game.


This week the table were a winter themed mining colony and a desert themed outpost guarding a small settlement and transport route. (yes I reuse terrain and these are my gates for Gaslands, but they work as some type of mag-track, race track or trade route.


I had the pleasure of facing off against Chaos Daemons with the table quarter deployment map. Knowing I would have the firs turn unless he was able to seize I deployed my full army to maximize what I could score on the first turn. After he failed to seize I “Forlorn Furied” my Death Company and postitioned them to take out the Pink Horror mob that gave me such a headache the last time we faced-off. The Beta Bolter rules allowed my Primaris units to hang back and shoot the Daemonettes from 30” away. The extra shots helped to whittle down one of the units of clawed temptresses, with the Death Company splitting fire between the same units of Daemonettes and the massive mob of Horrors. I burned through the rest of my command points in the first turn ensuring I killed the Horrors to a man. My opponents turn saw his Daemon Prince charge in to take on the Death Company, which ended with the Prince being banished back to the warp.


After helping the Captain deal with a Rampaging Defiler the last surviving Thunder Hammer weilding Death Company Marine met his glorious end at the hands of some Daemonettes.

The game ended on Turn Six with a tied score. His lone remaining Herald was able to withstand the hail of mass reactive bolts my remaining Primaris dumped into him to nab Line-breaker and maintain the tie score. It was a very fun game and I feel like I’m getting the hang of knowing when to commit my full force and when to hold back which is resulting in my units starting to gain some experience in the campaign.

The other game went poorly for the Bone Fist (Imperial Fists Successor) and Gazkill used his supreme cunning to Da Jump and execute an ambush on the out gunned Fists. While they put up a valiant defense they were unable to outscore the Beasts forces.