Snowy, Sneaky Tempestus Scions


Warhammer 40,000 – I’m really happy with how these Tempestus Scions turned out. I think the higher contrast snow camo makes them pop on the table while still fitting in with the “arctic camo” idea.

To get this effect I primed everything white, followed up by a base coat of Ulthuan Grey and Gunmetal followed by a heavy wash of Drakenhof Nightshade. Once that dried I panted the pants with Dawnstone and put the first highlight of Ulthuan Grey down just cleaning up the raised portions and blending in the shadows the wash created. Also at this point I used Lothern Blue to dot the eyes, and a Fluorescent Yellow for any of the scopes, shoulder lights or lasgun charge indicators. To shade the pants I do a light wash of Nuln Oil to shade the pants and do a final highlight of White Scar on the edges of the plates. One of the tricky things about painting white is picking your gradations, you can’t paint everything pure white because you’ll loose all depth. So treating an off-white as white in this case a cool grey color and working your way up to the pure white on the edges and highlight areas gives some depth. It’s not perfect and can look a little heavy handed at times but on the tabletop or at arms length higher contrast is your friend.

To get the snow effect I mixed water with Tacky Glue and Snow flock, once I had a good paste consistency I dabbed it on the bases and then dipped in a tray full of loose snow flock. This gives more of the impression of freshly fallen snow as opposed to the melty slushy look that the paste gives.