Alien Robots Invade the Old West

Board Games – Shadows of Brimstone is a treasure trove of miniatures, with so many expansions available you’e never starved for additional enemies or heroes. Every few months a few of these models find their way onto my painting table. The sculpts are pretty consistent, nothing overly detailed but just enough to look great with a little extra work.

This Alien Robot is one of the XL Enemy packs you can pick up to add to your game. Its a pretty straightforward solid model that wasn’t difficult to assemble. Before reading the information about the model I assumed it was some type of rock golem or mechanical suit – I was close – this is a large monster you can fight while traversing the Targa Plateau.

To get the alien metal look I started with a light grey base washed with GW’s new ghost blue technical paint. I followed that with a heavy dry brush of gunmetal followed by a line-wash in the crevices with blue wash. A quick silver edge highlight finished this one up.

I have several more packs from Brimstone to paint up this month for this same client. You can see some of the other models I’ve done for this collection here.