Folklore - Massive Project in a Small Package

Board Games – I think Folklore: The Affliction dances a fine line between miniature Game, RPG and Board Game. Prior to this coming across my painting desk I’d never heard of the game. As part of a larger batch of miniature Folklore was nestled in a small box and a simple bag of terrain. I was quite surprised to option up this tiny box and find over 96 individual models in the box. More surprising was how detailed these were for “inexpensive” miniatures they feel similar to Reaper Bones but it’s a different material that is harder, the doors and walls are a very hard plastic. It seems like a decent value for the cost.


I painted these in batches given the shear volume of pieces that needed to be painted. Unlike an army job or full force job, the majority of the models are unique sculpts or sets three identical. The terrain kit has a variety of doors and archways as well as four scarecrows and a magical book.