Brimstone still has Shadows over it - More Expansions


Board Games - Shadows of Brimstone is a game that just keeps on giving. The more of these expansion sets I paint the more I’m reminded of RIFTS or GURPS, it’s probably because the mismash of enemies I’ve seen run the full gambit of old west Indian to weird space robot suit back to giant mutant animals. At some point I need to get a demo of this game because while the minis aren’t the best quality, they’re decent and varied.


This time around I have some Swamp Slugs and Trederran Troopers. The slugs went together easily and look great, the troopers on the other hand are probably the lowest quality mini I’ve seen in the line. The German looking guns are just not great and the placement on the sprue causes damage to the visible portions of the top of the coat. I was pretty bummed given how nice the last set of models I put together for this game were, but I suppose there’s one of those what were they thinking kits in most lines.