Flint and Feather - Native American Warbands


Historical – Flint and Feather is a skirmish style tabletop game produced by Crucible Crush. The game pits two factions against each other during the “pre-contact period.” The two bands I have to paint are Huron and Iroquios.

These miniatures are a nice chunky style that you typically get with small run metal minis. The detail is pretty solid and there didn’t seem to be a ton of flash or mold shift (which can make metal minis a nightmare to clean up).


Being fairly ignorant about Native American tribes I had to do some digging to be sure I didn’t paint them like a bad western or as one of the tribes from the southwest as the tribes in the Great Lakes region had a very different appearance. After digging around it seemed like both groups look very similar. To differentiate the two bands I opted to go with primarily red warpaint on one band and primarily black on the other.