Off the painting table ... Guild Avatars

Malifaux – I finished up the two Guild Avatars I was working on for a client last night. Overall I'm happy with the way the models turned out. I need to fix my pop-up light box to get better final photos. The iphone is ok for some WIP shots but when it comes to finished models I'm having a hard time getting shots of similar quality as I was able to get with my Cannon Powershot. I suppose the dream of using one device for everything isn't really that feasible. I plan on taking some better shots of these to add to the gallery. Stay tuned for updates.

On the painting table ... Fire Breathing Mexican Dragons

Malifaux – Avatars, love them or hate them they are part of Malifaux. Some are very strong and add much to their original form others not so much. Regardless of how good they are in game the models are all pretty impressive. Whenever I'm running a demo I like to have some of them out next to the table as the inevitably catch the eye of on lookers and lead to a bevy of questions.

While I like to use them most of the time I find myself distracted with trying to meet the manifest requirements and forgetting about my actual in game goals. I imagine with time I'll get better at balancing the two and find a god use for these models.

Anyway on to this weeks project. My Guild client continues to add to his collection and has really found Malifaux to be a game he truely enjoys. Recently he picked up the avatar forms of Sonnia Cridd and Perdita and needs them assembled and painted to match the rest of his force.

Most of the Avatars are difficult to assemble with more finiky pieces and joins that require gap filling. I'm not sure why some of them are partially resin and partially metal as opposed to being made of the same material for all the parts. I assume its a cost savings (however if they were all resin weight would be less of an issue in assembly). 

Once I finished putting theme together I had to go in and do some gap filling. Pretty straightforward simple stuff with no need to resculpt details. A quick shot of primer and I was ready to begin painting. Rather than follow the color on the box I decided to go with a red base for Perdita's mount. I think this takes it into the more demonic looking as opposed to the studio scheme which reminds me of The Neverending Story. Sonia's dragon began with a yellow base and orange wash to bring out the details.

Next steps are to go in and pick out the details. 

One the painting table ... Avatar of something like that

Malifaux – I finally have the two Avatars I picked up assembled and base coated. I really like the Seamus model and the flash line weren't anywhere near as bad as they were on Snowstorm. I hope this is a sign that quality control with resin minis is improving. 

I was happy to see that Kirai was still all metal, however getting her together was a pain. It looks like the robe of Ikyro and the prone Kirai are supposed to join tightly together to give the impression one is coming out of the other. No matter what I tried I couldn't get them to match up right. so I placed Ikyro off to one side and used green stuff to blend the robe into the base. I think I like how this looks better than the models I've seen assembled "correctly."

Still not sure how much I'll like them in the game, but the idea of hulking out mid game is pretty cool.

I've also done some more work to my Alternate Seamus. I removed the "wimpy" flintlock and replaced it with one of the shotgun-type weapons in the Hats and Guns pack. I think this change really reinforces the homage to Evil Dead and more people will get it.