Kingdom Death - 22lbs of Awesome Arrives

Kingdom Death – The wait is over. I finally have Kingdom Death: Monster in my hands, and it weights more than my son. Before I even opened the box I was impressed. The shipping box is branded and labeled with exactly what's inside. Where you open the box there are two more boxes. One is the core game, the other is the Survivor Level bonuses. Both are well branded and fit everything perfectly. Almost every other Kickstarter I've backed the box arrived with a mishmash of stuff tossed in a box and covered with packing peanuts. Not the case here, no need for any packing materials because the box is exactly the right size.

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Kingdom Death Arrives ... sorta

Kingdom Death – After several years of waiting Kingdom Death has finally arrived, or rather part of it. The first box that came was the small box of rewards which included Candy and Cola, White Speaker and any extras I ordered. It also came with a t-shirt, and pack of gummy bears.

I haven't had a chance to put the models together yet but at first glance these ae really high quality plastics. I can't wait to get these together and get my brush on them

Von Drak Manor - Box Opening

Super Dungeon Explore – I had a chance to open up the box for Von Drak Manor and take a good look at the minis included in this set. They're the same quality as the last expansion with the minis provided pre-assembled. This is cool as you can get right to using them as soon as you open the box but it's a bummer because if you want to do a nice paint job on them it's going to be a pain to get all the mold lines removed. 

If you don't plan on painting them the purple plastic looks really cool and the heros are the same grey plastic as the other heros from previous sets.

As you can see from the photos the minis are really cool and have that same old school video game vibe as the rest of the models for the game.

Ghost Samurai and Honeypots - Unboxing

Malifaux – Recently I picked up some new Ten Thunders models to expand my existing Resuresctionist force as well as the small Neverborn force I've been working on. These are part of Wyrd's new plastic line and the quality continues to impress me. 

Initially I thought the plastics lacked the character and humor that the original models in the line had, however as I pick up more of them the quality and proportions are growing on me. Combine that with the ease of gluing plastic models and the end result is pretty great. 

I still feel like it would be beneficial to have more options on the sprues. As they are now you really only get the same static pose as you would with a metal model. Granted the poses are pretty great and dynamic, it would still be nice to have some head or arm options to be able to customize the models so yours look different than others on the table. 

I'll post up more pictures after I get these assembled. I just wanted to get some shots of the actual sprues posted as you don't really see much on the box art and for some reason Wyrd isn't showing painted models in their online store like they used to.