Kingdom Death - 22lbs of Awesome Arrives

Kingdom Death – The wait is over. I finally have Kingdom Death: Monster in my hands, and it weights more than my son. Before I even opened the box I was impressed. The shipping box is branded and labeled with exactly what's inside. Where you open the box there are two more boxes. One is the core game, the other is the Survivor Level bonuses. Both are well branded and fit everything perfectly. Almost every other Kickstarter I've backed the box arrived with a mishmash of stuff tossed in a box and covered with packing peanuts. Not the case here, no need for any packing materials because the box is exactly the right size.

Breaking the seal on the survivor box you can see all the sprues. (Yes take note every other tabletop kickstarter, when you say multipart plastic models, they should be hard plastic on a sprue. Not this restic garbage most of them try to pass off as "plastic). I didn't take out all the sprues yet but they look amazing at first glance.

The core box opens with a solid thunk. Inside there is another big black miniature box. Emblazon on the top is directions on where to download assembly instructions. Would have been nice to have them in the box, but I imagine it was an environmentally conscious decision to save paper as the instructions get pitched once the models are built.

Below that box is the core game. Heavy cardstock tokens, game board, character sheets, cards and an impressive box organizer. This game is going to be amazing. The models alone were worth the price of admission but the quaility of the game components is also pretty impressive.

I quickly glanced through the rulebook and liked what I've seen so far. I'm swamped with commission work at the moment so I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to get this on the table but I'm excited to see how it plays.