It's the Doc; Diggy-Diggy-Doctrine ... WIP

It's the Doc; Diggy-Diggy-Doctrine ... WIP

Relic Knights – I haven't gotten this on the table recently and I part of the issue is that I subconsciously don't like to play with bare gray models (or primer white for that matter). So to rectify that situation I decided that I'm going to get the base colors down on all the Relic Knights stuff I own. Painting each faction to completion (or at least the level I want) is going to take to long with the other painting projects I have in my que. 

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They Call Me ... Doctrine Feel-Good

Relic Knights – Wow that's a pretty god-awful headline, I need to work on my puns...

Anyway continuing my press to get all the Relic Knights stuff I received assembled I'm now into the Doctrine. This is one of the factions I was on the fench about during the initial kickstarter but in the end I felt like the look of them was unique and they could present some fun modeling opportunities (ie my library). 

Much like the Speed Circuit faction these are mostly small models with a fair amount of fine detail. It is tricky to work with this material as with these small models its hard to get in where the mold lines are to remove them. The peg and plug sockets go together smoothly and make assembly a dream.

That's one thing I have to say about all the models in the Relic Knight line I've dealt with so far. They are a nightmare to clean up but once that part is done they go together smooth and glue solid with almost no "hold and blow" required (having recently put together some older metal Malifaux figures the "hold and blow" really does blow). I've never been a fan of accelerant because I don't like what it does to the glue in terms of making it more fragile.

Overall I didn't find any major issues with these models as I put them together apart from the standard complaint about mold lines and their location. They do look a little soft in some instances mostly with the faces which at this point I think if may been intentional.