It's the Doc; Diggy-Diggy-Doctrine ... WIP

Relic Knights – I haven't gotten this on the table recently and I part of the issue is that I subconsciously don't like to play with bare gray models (or primer white for that matter). So to rectify that situation I decided that I'm going to get the base colors down on all the Relic Knights stuff I own. Painting each faction to completion (or at least the level I want) is going to take to long with the other painting projects I have in my que. 

Please forgive the WIP progress shots but I wanted to share as I think it makes a world of difference just seeing the models bare and then seeing them with a coat of paint. The details really come out and from a distance even the most basic coat of paint brings the game up a level.

Overall the models are pretty nice, there's some definite scale issues across the line but they're most noticeable across the Doctrine line. 

For paint I did a foundation of Illayden Yellow with a wash of Fugan Orange to bring out the details. I used a purple foundation paint as the complementary color to help bring out the yellow and make it pop. The flesh is all based with the GW Foundation Flesh color (who's name is escaping me at the moment) I really like the coverage I get with this color and will be very sad when my supply runs out as the new foundation flesh colors just aren't the same.

These definitly need a bunch more work before I can call them done. But some paint is better than none.

I have a feeling these are going to turn our really nice once I have some time to spend with them making all the little details pop and painting on my own details in the areas that are lacking (like faces...)