Off the Painting Table – Legion of the Damned


Warhammer 40,000 – One of my regular clients regularly comes across oddities and old models that he likes to add to his army. Many of these gems have been abandoned in favor of the shiny new plastics but for those of us that remember when these kits were new it’s like finding hidden treasure when one crosses your path. ‘Member Berries are strong stuff as anyone who has tried to track down toys from their youth or other items you foolishly thought you had outgrown or had no further use for. As my grandparents used to say it all comes back around…

The latest gem to hit my table is a small unit of Legion of the Damned. These guys made a big splash in the standard marine codex a few years back with some updated metal sculpts. During the insanity that was sixth/seventh edition they even got their own “codex” now relegated to a tiny index entry you rarely see them on the table.