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Warhammer 40,000 – Recently I watched a show on Netflix called Slobby’s World. It’s about a “vintage” clothing store in Arizona that makes mint tracking down clothes and accessories from the 1980’s-1990’s, the whole premise is pretty interesting and although the people in the show are obnoxious, annoying and just down-right weird it’s a train wreck I just couldn’t turn off. Part of what I found so interesting was how much people were willing to pay for stuff that I owned as a kid and donated to Good Will when it went out of style. Where is this rambling going you ask? Well the show reminded me of how strong nostalgia is and how in some circles having “vintage” things is a status symbol, which leads to my latest project. Yeah you guessed it … more Old hammer stuff.

Old Hammer - Legion of the Damned

Old Hammer - Legion of the Damned

Warhammer 40,000 – Today I have a rare treat, my regular Old Hammer client brought me a sealed Legion of the Damned box from the early 90’s, these classic metal models came in the styrofoam tray inserted into the cardboard box. While not exactly carbon-footprint friendly this classic packaging did make it feel a little more special with each model in their own spot.

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Off the Painting Table – Legion of the Damned


Warhammer 40,000 – One of my regular clients regularly comes across oddities and old models that he likes to add to his army. Many of these gems have been abandoned in favor of the shiny new plastics but for those of us that remember when these kits were new it’s like finding hidden treasure when one crosses your path. ‘Member Berries are strong stuff as anyone who has tried to track down toys from their youth or other items you foolishly thought you had outgrown or had no further use for. As my grandparents used to say it all comes back around…

The latest gem to hit my table is a small unit of Legion of the Damned. These guys made a big splash in the standard marine codex a few years back with some updated metal sculpts. During the insanity that was sixth/seventh edition they even got their own “codex” now relegated to a tiny index entry you rarely see them on the table.

Off the Painting Table – Old Hammer: Salamanders

Warhammer 40,000 – One of my clients loves finding old models. He works in a Friendly Local Gamestore (FLGS) and always seems to come across good deals for guys getting out of the hobby with ancient models. These models eventually find their way to my table to get painted up to match one of his existing armies.


This time around we have Marnies Calgar on a throne, several Tech-marines (The Hands of Mars) and several Chaplains. All of these are destined to get the “bright” Salamanders scheme to match up with the rest of his force. This is the same client that I did the Terminators through the ages job so it’s fun seeing this variety of model in one army.