Getting Crafty ... Decorating Deck Boxes

Relic Knights – I'm really happy with the Pro Dual Tower Deck boxes I picked up to store my Relic Knights stuff, however the black boxes are pretty plain. It's also a bit of an annoyance to have to open each box to see what's inside. In an effort to dress them up a bit I created some stickers to apply to the boxes. These help to distinguish the boxes from one another as they're all solid black.

I used some Avery Full Sheet Laser labels to print stickers of each faction symbol and the Relic Knights logo. This paper is supposed to stand up to the terrors the USPS puts packages through so I'm hoping it will stand up to some use. I may wind up reprinting them and sealing the stickers with a gloss varnish if they don't hold up, but I was in a hurry and just stuck them down. (Sometimes you just have to try something to see how it will look before you go back and do it right)

The adhesive seems to be holding pretty well so if the ink does the same I'll be happy. (Although I'm not holding my breath, this will be good enough for now.)

I also picked up a few keychain tape measures that I made little faction logos for and applied. I like that I know have a complete box with everything needed to play for the five factions I own. If I can ever get back out to other stores this will make it easy to demo the game and help build back the excitement of a few years ago when the kickstarter was live.

I really hope this game does well as I really like it and feel like there's plenty of potential for it to grow and have a decent market share in the already crowded skirmish game market.

What's in the Box? Storing Game Components

What's in the Box? Storing Game Components

Relic Knights – There are a lot of cards associate with Relic Knights; the deck, each character has 2 cards, the reference cards, objective cards, boost cards etc. There are also a bunch of acrylic tokens to mark the various thing you might need to mark during a game. And of course the Knight cards are oversized and need something to put them in as well. Oh yeah and you need a marker as well. That's a significant amount of stuff to keep together and transport. Here's the various solutions I've tried:

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