What's in the Box? Storing Game Components

Relic Knights – There are a lot of cards associate with Relic Knights; the deck, each character has 2 cards, the reference cards, objective cards, boost cards etc. There are also a bunch of acrylic tokens to mark the various thing you might need to mark during a game. And of course the Knight cards are oversized and need something to put them in as well. Oh yeah and you need a marker as well. That's a significant amount of stuff to keep together and transport. Here's the various solutions I've tried:

The first thing I looked at was just putting everything into a standard plastic Ultrapro Box. The basic cards and deck fit fine but there was no room for the oversized cards, tokens or markers. They make a Relic Knight themed version of this box as well but its the same size as the standard deck box so it doesn't really fit my needs. 

Next up I looked at the Ultrapro Toploader boxes, these are bigger boxes made to hold card in a plastic toploader (really good for Warmachine and it fits a commander deck fine). I could fit all the basic cards, deck and tokens in this box; however the oversized cards don't fit nor do the markers.

Onward and upward,  I then took a look at the dual deck boxes from Ultrapro. These came out when Wizards released Planechase this is a box designed to fit the oversized cards so it should be a win right? Well technically it holds everything pretty well however I can only find them with Magic Graphics plastered all over them and I'm to neurotic to be able to store games for one system in something branded for another. Also everything slides around a bunch in this box so it's less than ideal.

The final box I looked at is Ultrapro's Duel Deck Tower. This is a box I saw on Amazon a long time ago and thought it could be cool to store Commander, Archenemy and Planechase cards in it. The photos showed it had a flip out section for the oversized cards and two compartments to hold two 100 card decks. It seemed perfect. So I went to several local cardshops to see if they stocked it and unfortunately they did not. 

Annoyed with not being able to touch and feel the box before I bought it I went to Amazon and read some reviews of the box. Overall they seemed positive so I ordered up two of them. I didn't want to go whole hog for all my factions before I had a chance to see it in person.

The boxes arrived and I opened them up and sleeved my cards up to see how they fit in the box. I'm impressed.

The top part holds all the faction cards sleeved in clear Dragon Shield protectors as well as the battle deck sleeved to match the faction with some room to add more cards as they are released. The bottom drawer pulls out and holds all the acrylic tokens with some room left to add other markers you might need. Not sure the boost tokens will fit but they'll probably go in foam with the minis. The flip out section holds the oversized cards I have sleeved in oversized toploaders. There is also enough room in this section to hold a few dry erase markers and a key chain size tape measure.

The box is made out of a sturdy textured plastic with a magnetic closure to keep everything in it's place. The branding on the box is subtle black on black printing of the ultrapro logo and name of the product. I should be able to create my own graphics for the box if I decide to gussy them up a bit. There's plenty of room to do a faction logo on the top or side flap. I'm guessing if you wanted to get fancy and diecut some vinyl to apply to the outside it would look pretty sweet.