Golden Smoke - Surviving Another Kingdom Death Monster

Kingdom Death – The Gold Smoke Knight is the newest Monster to grace my painting table. I believe this guy slots into a Kingdom Death Campaign as a replacement (or after-boss boss) for the Watcher. I could be wrong as it’s been quite some time since I was able to convince my group to play something other than Warhammer 40k.

The survivors are painted in the same manner as the others I’ve done. Pretty straightforward with some minor glow effects. I really like the variety of survivors you have once all the kits have been assembled. Being able to represent any item card in the game on your model is also a cool concept that’s harder to pull off.

I'm a Survivor - Kingdom Death Armor Kits

Kingdom Death – With these kits I believe I’ve finally finished up my clients core set of Kingdom Death: Monster. The armor kits are one of the most difficult things to build, not because the kit is hard to follow but more so because until you’ve played the campaign you don’t know how to best arm them or what you might make during the course of the game. So to take best advantage of the versatility of the kits you’d build a new model after each session. WHICH IS INSANE!

The more reasonable thing to do is build the complete kits and arm them to look cool. Then they can represent the model without having to BE the exact model. This is especially true when having the models painted by a commission artist and preparing to have everything done before starting the game.


The first kit in this batch is the Rawhide kit. Your settlement should be able to start crafting these items fairly early in the game. I stuck with a simple khaki and bone color scheme for these to reflect the White Lion which is the monster that will provide most of the raw materials to make the stuff the survivors are decked out in.


After you’ve built some structures tanning leather helps move your rawhide into a more durable good.


If you can take out the screaming antelope making this set will help your settlement succeed and thrive.


Eventually you’ll face the Phoenix and if you are able to get the right parts making a nifty birdman suit keeps you going in the right direction.


After fighting the big bad watcher you can craft a sweet set of armor.

Kingdom Death: Monster Core set almost done

Kingdom Death: Monster Core set almost done

Kingdom Death – Slowly but surely I'm wrapping up all the models in the Kingdom Death: Monster core box as well as the expansions. Of course these aren't my own models but it's nice to put some paint to them finally, when I get to finish my own it should be quick with all the practice I'm getting. 

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