Getting the most out of your bits

Warhammer 40K – I've been working on finishing up some terminator squads to use in the Badab War campaign I'm running. One of the special characters allows you to take Lightening Claw Terminators as troops, so that's what I built using the Assault Terminator box. The nice thing about the five man box is that it provides you with either weapon option (Thunderhammers or Lightening Claws). The down side is the only the extra arms are included.

This is where the Assault on Black Reach Terminators come in. You can usually find them for a good price on ebay and with a few simple cuts you can remove the lower portion of their arms. The next step is cutting of the top of the Thunderhammer arms and glueing them in place. It takes a bit of trial an error to cut off the right amount and get a good fit. The results are an easy way to get 10 assault terminators with different weapon options using just one of the kits and some readily available bits.

I also wanted to add some Cyclone Missile Launchers to the unit. Unable to find the bit for a price I wanted to pay I did some digging around and found these. The price was right for two of them and they fit nicely on the backs of some Black Reach Terminators. While not as detailed as the regular kit they still look great on the field and you get two of them.