On the Painting Table ....

Warhammer 40K – I finally have my Storm Raven kit assembled (for the most part). The kit is pretty straightforward with fairly well detailed instructions. Of course I still glued one part on backward (The lesson here is to dry fit EVERYTHING), however with a bit of effort I was able to pry the tail fin off and glue it on the right way. The one major annoyance I have with the kit it once is assembled the top gun assembly can't be removed.

I decided to glue the hatches shut, in my experience they will get floppy over time and be prone to breakage. I imagine if you wanted to magnetize them it'd be cool to have opening doors. 

So far I've almost finished painting the cockpit interiors and have a base coat on the body of the ship. I added the raven icon from a set of Forgeworld doors to the side of the ship. I think I'll probably use decals for the rest of the insignias.