On the painting table ...

Malifaux – I'm wrapping up a commission. The final part is a Student of Conflict. While I think this is a cool model, I didn't really enjoy painting it. Something about the sandals was giving me issues. Once I got into the scheme I picked out it seemed to flow more naturally. I think part of my problem is I hardly ever see them on the table so the only reference I had was from the packaging. The color scheme on the package is really dark and didn't feel right for the model in my opinion.

For my own collection I finally got around to painting up the Spirit of Lost Love. After having a terrible game with Kirai last week, I decided to assemble and paint the models I'd been proxying since the book was released. Hopefully this will help knock the rust off, as I plan on playing her again until I get better with the model. My preferred master is Seamus and I've been playing tons of games with him as of late, so my other masters are feeling a bit neglected.

To paint the Spirit of Lost Love, I started with a light blue undercoat. I followed that up with a wash of deep blue. After that dried I went back in with my base color and added highlights which were worked up to pure white. I then went back and lightly applied wash to the recesses and any areas that had to much contrast.