Arkham Horror - Expansion

Board Games – I’ve painted up quite a few models for this Fantasy Flight game. The latest batch adds some new heroes and a few monsters. The sculpts are all pretty decent and take paint well. My only honest complaint about the minis is the dumb clunky base. I know in game it serves a functional purpose that makes it easy to see what the monster is, how big it is and it’s basic stats, but in my opinion the base detracts from the model as a whole.


Fall-out Boys and Girls - Board Game Minis

Fall-out Boys and Girls - Board Game Minis

Board Games – Typically when I get a new client they give me a small batch of minis to "test paint" before moving on to the rest of their collection. My newest client opted to send me back to the wastelands with a small batch of models from the Fall-out Board game. Sadly I never made it very far in Fall-out 3 and haven't looked at any of the other games so my knowledge of the game is based mostly on popular references and looking back at the Collectors Edition guide I picked up when Fall-out 3 was released many moons ago.

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Mad in the Mansion

Board Games - Mansions of Madness looks like a pretty amazing game, that is if the game is anywhere near the same level of quality as the miniatures. I'm going to have to check this on out if I can ever get to a board game night and demo the game. I've heard there may be some type of deck builder that feels similar to the board game but I haven't done my research to confirm. (currently my game nights don't have room for another game of this type, however after painting these up I might need to see if I can squeeze it in.)

These are painted to a tabletop level. Some basic shading, highlighting and variety of colors across the full range. I kept the bases black as my understanding is the game carries across several different types of terrain and as such it makes more sense for a simple black base to frame the models.  

We're all Mad Here ... Mansions of Madness WIP

Board Games – Fantasy Flight certainly knows how to fill a box with cool little extras that add a ton to a game. Case in point Mansions of Madness could function just fine with paper cut outs, or wooden meeples but going the extra mile and doing 3D sculpts of every monster and character really takes it to the next level.

My regular board game client recently dropped of the core game and what looks to be all the expansions. There's something like 75 pieces to this batch that need to painted to a tabletop quality. 

With a big batch of models like this I start by separating them into models that will share similar colors. For example Cthulu and most of the deep ones are green, the cultists are red etc. This lets me assembly line the base coats and shading quickly so I can get to the detail stage which takes a little while with board game minis as they don't have the level of detail that pops out after a wash that traditional tabletop models do. Which means I need to work a little harder to bring out what's there.


Let's Pretend!

Rogue Trader – I've finally read through the full rulebook and am preparing to GM for the first time. In preparation I've listened to numerous play sessions and have read through the various prepared adventures. I'm hoping the game will run smoothly, but I'm a bit nervous about my player group and them jumping to far from the story. Making stuff up on the fly shouldn't be to hard but I really want to use all the material I have.

The other night I got the group together to build their characters. I really like the origin path system as it easily gives the characters a backstory. I had the players start with their career and work backwards. Most of the players just did what sounded cool without reading the stat modifiers. It was easy to do as a group because I could just read off the modifiers after everyone drew their path.

After everyone was done with the basic character stats we have: Rogue Trader, noble born from a failing Dynasty; an Explorator on the run form the law; a trigger happy Navigator; a Seneshal manservant; an angry imperial guard deserter as the Voidmaster; a xenophobic Missionary; and a bat-shit crazy Ex-Militant. 

This should be fun. If you want to learn more about the system check out this link.