On the painting table ... The Tyrant's Legion

Warhammer 40K – The Imperial Guard commission continues, my client is giving them to me a squad at a time so this might get a little boring as they for the most part look exactly the same. Painting them in batches does help to stay focused and I've gotten them down to a basic 5 color process to paint. Base gray, paint gunmetal, paint red, paint white and paint black. Wash with black and edge highlight. Apply decals, spray varnish, turn over to client. Repeat.

Luckily he has also began to assemble some marine models to fill in for the special characters presented in the Badab War book. He liked the look of the Tyrant's Legion but opted to go with his own scheme to match the Helghast look of the Guard models. Dark iron armor, white pads with red accents is what I came up with using the space marine painter from Bolter and Chainsword and I think they look pretty good. To call out the veterans I went with a black helmet with white faceplate. The look mimics what is going on with the guard models and ties the force together as one complete unit.

The two conversions he built are pretty cool and I like his take on the conversion beamer and whips as well as the Tyrant's Champion. While I'd have preferred using a larger shield for the champion he wanted to keep it versitle so he could field it in a regular command squad as well.