On the painting table ... Tactically Sound

Warhammer 40,000 – My "FINISH THEM" project is moving along at a snail's pace due to other more pressing projects. I've decided working on a single squad at a time is the best way to get these marines done. I've been mass painting the bases and applying the name to each scroll which while tedious sets the groundwork for the rest of the project. 

So far my list that maxes out my force org chart with six Tactical Squads of 10 marines each has been impressive on the table. The amount of punishment that many marines can dish out makes it feels right to continue painting these squads until they are all done. 

As you can see from the make-up of these squads I have marine models from several different eras of 40K. The other day an opponent was amazed at what flamers used to look like. The old static one piece metal models provide a good contrast with the more dynamically posed conversions I've assembled more recently. Prior to the wonky "take the closest model as a casualty" rule I used to take the standing at attention marines off the table first. Alas, sometimes I get stuck with the "redshirts" on the table alone but more often then not they take the bullet.

Painting follows the same pattern as the other squads I've done. With these completed I'm nearly half-way through with the project. I'll be happy once I have all six tactical squads, two devastator squads, two assault squads, command squad, chaplain and two dreadnoughts and rhinos the company will be complete. From there I'll have the support elements to finish up and some other options like bikes and flyers to finish.

My revised goal of just finishing the company seems likely to happen before the end of the year. The rest will follow behind shortly before I begin any other projects ... maybe.