Gravity Guns ... A Review

Warhammer 40K – I needed to add some gravity guns to some of my squads so I could have the option available to me. At the moment I have no need for another tactical squad or sternguard veterans. Looking at ebay the bitz are going for upward of $14 each. Which makes sense because everybody wants them but not as many people actually need more marine kits.

I looked around for some after market accessories and found some that I liked. The company is based in Poland and offered a pretty good deal on these guns. Shipping was fairly fast for an international order and they arrived well packed in a small package.

The guns themselves look very similar to the GW versions and different enough that there is no question as to what the gun is supposed to represent. There was minimal flash and clean up is pretty standard for a resin kit. 

The first two I used on a bike squad as salvo weapons with relentless just makes sense. The proportions on the guns looks great and I'm happy with the results. I'm going to build some standard marines to sprinkle throughout my tactical squads as I think this weapon could come in handy.