Cleaning House - Great Ebay Deals

I've decided to once again downsize some of my collections to make room for new stuff. With Malifaux second edition on the horizon I decided it was time to sell off some of the crew boxes that I haven't opened yet as well as some of the models that don't fit my play style as much.

I had picked up Snowstorm to use with Kirai because I love the model and it brings some cool abilities to the table. But I'm not in love with how the model looks with the rest of my crew and I don't want to be tempted into buying Arcanist stuff to fill it out. So I'm putting him up along with some clear resin ice pillars. 

Also up for bid are a variety of counters and terrain; including supply wagon pieces I've built for various scenarios. I hate to sell off this stuff but I haven't been playing much Malifaux lately and I think with the second edition I'm going to stick with Resurrectionists and Guild as the only factions I collect. This way I'll always have just enough models to run a demo or get a game in with a friend who doesn't own anything.

I've also started sorting through my comics collection and will be putting up lots of books for sale. I own a ton of comics from the 80-90's that are taking up to much space in my basement. So my goal is to just hang on to the ones that I like the cover art so I can display them as art and  sell off the rest. If you're a comics fan check the button up top often as things will be updated weekly.

In the same vein I'm selling off my large White Dwarf Collection so if you're missing an issue or want to pick up books from back when they were more than an ad for the army of the month check out the auctions. I really just want to get rid of them and cover my costs so you'll find some great deals.

Check out the auctions here.