Centurions ... Make the most of them

Warhammer 40K – As I continue my attempt to put together as much of the marine stuff I've had laying around as possible I began work on my Centurions. Like the rest of the world parts of the kit really bothered me. The whole weapons just strapped on the bottom of a giant powerfist (that's not really a powerfist) looks ridiculous.

I was inspired by the conversion Dave Taylor did that has been making the rounds online. I used it as a basis for converting my own marines to look less craptastic.

Shoulder mounted weapons make more sense so that is a must, second I want to be able to use this kit  for multiple purposes because I'm not totally sold that these are worth their points and I'm not sure I want to go back and build them again. So I removed one arm and replaced it with a drill. With the other arm I opted to mount bolters to the glove on top (keeping in line with the look of other wrist mounted guns).

I know these are essentially a pre-chaos ret-conned version of the obliterators but really the guns out of every orifice is just silly. I'm much happier with the look of my own version and while they're not the best conversion ever at least they look a bit more plausible and I'll be happy to field them without cringing.

Once I get them on the table I might change my mind and decide to get more of them. But right now I' think a unit of three with a landraider is going to be my preferred heavy support choice when I use them.