Apocalypse Not Really ...

Warhammer 40,000 - I was able to get another big 40K game in recently, this time around I had a chance to play against the Imperial Guard force that I spent most of the summer painting. Of course my own stuff wasn't quite fully painted (or completed for that matter ... yes I'm looking at you hoses for the Centurion conversion). However we still had a good time playing one of the Maelstrom of War missions from the rule book. 

I ran the exact same list I did with previous large game and wound up having much better results. Even with a super-heavy on the table I was able to stand toe-to-toe for the whole battle. This time around we played the mission as written with the exception that is you drew a card you couldn't complete because of what wasn't in either list you discard and draw a new one. I believe we played mission four which makes any "Capture Objective X" public knowledge and accomplishable by either player.

The game was incredibly fun with both sides giving as much as they took. Once again I found the Centurions to be a massive target which helped my other forces to achieve the objectives as they soaked up the brunt of the fire-power. I guess just the threat of what they can do with a really good roll is enough to freak a tank heavy list out. Between them and the Landraider Achilles none of my other units saw any attention until after turn three.

The ebb and flow of this game was really fun as the new cards came up it became a mad rush to grab them and my choice to hold back rhinos full of troops paid off at the end as I managed to squeak out a tie when the game ended.