Von Drake Manor ... Some Assembly Required

Super Dungeon Explore - I finally started cleaning up my Von Drake Manor Minis, they've been staring at me for quite some time and I was going to make this my October project but some other stuff came up so I had to back burner it. Now that I'm taking a short break I was able to scrape off the model lines and fill the gaps with greenstuff. Just like the other Super Dungeon stuff I've cleaned up I sculpted the flagstones so the base has a bit more dimensionality and transitions back smoother. 

No paint yet just some primer on a few of the models. I really like how they look when you get a nice coat of whit primer it's almost like a fresh coloring book as a kid. Anyway I'll start getting paint on these soon. 

I also spent a little time in the pre-planning for a three-dimensional Von Drak Manor themed set of tiles. All I've done so far is carve the floor tiles into my 12"x12" panels and started cutting the lines into the side panels. My idea is to do the exterior walls like the outside of a haunted house with boarded up windows and whatnot. For the interior walls I'm going to carve waynescoating and a chair rail to go throughout. It should make it feel very different than the inside of a cavern.