Exodus ... work in progress

Wild West Exodus – I've started assembling the Outlaw gang for Outlaw Miniature's Wild West Exodus game. This is a job for one of my regular clients who just picked up the game and sent the models off to me to assemble and paint. My understanding is this was another game that got Kickstarted and delivered fairly recently. I had looked at the models while the Kickstarter was going on and wound up passing because I couldn't justify another game at the time. (Looking at these models I question that decision...)

Unlike most recent Kickstarter projects these plastic models are really plastic. High quality gray hard plastic on sprues. It's an amazing concept really promise plastic and deliver something that can be glued together with plastic cement. I wish other cool million dollar projects would have followed suit but that's a rant for another time.

Putting these models together was a dream, the kit included paper printed instructions, numbered pieces on the sprue with intelligent cuts that allow the seams to be hidden fairly well. (No gluing faces on that I've seem so far ...) A tiny drop of cement, push the parts together and set it aside. No holding parts for hours, pinning or dousing it with CA Activator. It seems I've been dealing with to many other forms of "plastic" metal and resin  lately that I'd forgotten the reason I still love putting GW figures together, hard plastic kits are the way to go period. 

I was quickly able to clean and assemble the ten outlaws, Wayward Eight and a few other models. I think in total it was only a few hours of sitting and gluing to get them all put together. One complaint though is the the printed instructions have the same "sprue-location-highlight" for every model, follow the numbers and full drawing otherwise you'll never find the parts you need.

After breezing through the plastic models I opened up the resin character models. These were not so easy to assemble. It took two thoroughly washing with a toothbrush to get all the mold release off, and even after that they still felt someone "slimy." The resin isn't as brittle as some types but it still wash tricky to cut. I used Gorilla Glue Gel Super Glue on these and wash able to get them to stick with minimal holding in place. 

Once these dried I sprayed them with a red oxide primer to set up the base coat, as they're going to be primarily brown and silver.