On the painting table ... WWX Outlaws (Part 2)

Wild West Exodus – After getting these models assembled and primed with red oxide primer, I began blocking in the basic colors. It's a little weird at the moment because it was requested that I keep the models primarily brown and tan. There's no limit to the number of browns and tans I can paint but its hard to tell what's going on with the models at this stage. 

I love the amount of detail on these, however some of details just seem to be there for the sake of not having any flat planes on the models. I don't know a whole lot about the game so maybe they are tied in with the background. 

After I put a variety of browns and some metallic paint down I washed the model to help bring out the details and make it easier to paint. I was feeling a little lost with distinguishing holster from belt and weird pantleg details, but after the wash dried it's much easier to see what it going on so the next stage of painting will be easier.