On the painting table ... Centurions

Warhammer 40,000 - It seems like I started these ages ago but they've sat on my shelf with the parts waiting for me to wrap them up. Well after playing two different 3,000 point games of Warhammer 40K recently I was a bit embarrassed to be fielding not only unpainted but unfinished models. I was pretty happy with how they worked out so I blocked out a section to time to glue the extra pipes and hoses onto them and get at least a basic coat on paint on them. 

Again this is far from finished but it seems like that's been the way most of my projects have been going lately. I blame it on all the great games that have come out recently it's easier to lose track and move to a new project because of all the shiny stuff sitting in my game room.

Between my commission jobs I'm planning on getting these models wrapped up soon. For the amount of table time they've seen lately I really need to get them wrapped up. Perhaps once they're fully painted they'll do a better job of taking out a Warhound or other super heavy. (I'm going to need to sculpt the scrolls on the front of each base as well since I forgot to do that before making my mold for the base.)