OCD ... Yeah you know me

Terrain Building – Ok I'll admit it I'm obsessive about many things to the extreme. One of my major projects that keeps getting back burnered is my Space Marine Company. Part of the reason it's taking so long is that I do a unit at a time and take them to a high level paint job, mount to a resin base and apply a decal with the Battle Brothers name. Yeah I know its a bit much but when it's done I think it will be impressive.

So what does this have to do with Terrain you ask? Well as part of my obsession I need things to match and currently my base tabletop is a brownish desert texture which is pretty close. But you know what they say about horse shoes and hand grenades... I need more than close so I've been working on making a 12"x12" tile that matches the bases of my models exactly. My first attempt with the display board was really close but not exactly what I wanted. So back to the drawing board and I started work on a different variation of the same idea.

I started with a cork base, you can get a pack of them at most craft stores. From there I made some rough copies of the biggest base I have. Of course these are all round so I had to trim the plaster to a squarish shape. Repeat a bunch of times until I had enough to cover a 12"x12" square. 

After gluing the tiles I made down I'm going to  take Greenstuff and filled in the gaps. I'll then resculpt the details so they blend together and form a "textured, yet smooth" base. Once I get that part done I'll be able to figure out how to replicate it 24 times to fill my 4'x6' surface.