Noh Your Roll ... Relic Knights Assembly Begins

Relic Knights - I've begun assembling the Noh faction for Relic Knights. The models are on the larger side and it just so happens I have a commission coming in on these that I'll need to wrap up before I can start with my own. 

The models are cast in that restic plastic material similar to what Privateer and Mantic use on their "plastic" models. I'm still not a huge fan of the material but it seems that it will be here to stay so I might as well get used to it. You can't use plastic glue on these and scraping mold lines is a little trickier than it is with polystyrene or metal models. The details are also slightly softer than you see with polystyrene, metal or resin models but for a tabletop game it's a fine quality.

The amount of mold lines and flash is about the same that I've seen in other models made with the same material. You will notice some areas where the sprue connects in a joint that you'll need to carefully trim down to get a flush fit. It's helpful that each model has a plug and socket join. What you lose in possibility you gain in ease of assembly.

I did finally get my base inserts. (There was a minor shipping issue that was corrected right away) Unfortunately I'm not sure that I like how they will look with this faction. There's a little too much going on with them for my tastes.

I used cork to create a base that will fit the models well, unfortunately my Hell bases don't accommodate the wide stance of most of these models so I had to make each one individually.

Without getting any paint on these yet so far I'm really happy with my investment.