Castling Up ... Painting Fortifications

Warhammer 40,000 – Fortifications and other terrain have been sitting in my cabinet for far to long without paint on them. I picked up the box with two bastions and a bunch of defense lines ages ago to use as terrain. I really can't see using points from my list to bring terrain but it works great as standard terrain. 

Part of what was holding me back was deciding on a color to paint the fortifications. With several very different terrain sets I wanted to be sure I can use them on all my tables and still look good. I also wanted to keep them generic enough just in case someone needed to borrow a building or defense line for their force.

I settled on a sandstone color that will look good on my desert table and is plain enough to blend in.

I also had a chance to finally paint up all my craters, although in Seventh Edition it looks like tanks no longer leave craters which I might house rule to go back to the other. I really liked the way the craters changed up the battlefield as tanks blew up.