Vulgar Display of Power

Warhammer 40,000 – With Seventh Edition I decided to focus on getting a simple force completed so I would have something quick to grab when a game came up without having to mess around with my plethora of unfinished models. (Don't get me wrong, most of my models have three colors of base coat on them before I allow them to hit the tabletop ... however it's embarrassing to be playing against other armies I've finished an having them look better than my own).

I have this cool board that was a sample for a separate graphic design project that never became anything so I've been messing around with creating a surface on it to match my bases. I started by making a simple mold of the texture from my largest base and then poured a thin layer of resin into the mold to get the texture. From there I broke up the thin pieces and put the base back together and filled the gaps with a course sand. The look is pretty good and matches up well enough for a display base. In the event that I ever get back into playing in competitive events this tray will be easy to pack up with my models.