What's gunmetal and white and red all over?

Warhammer 40,000 – Base coats are fun. It's nice when you can find a spray can that closely matches the final color you're going to use on an army. I've started working on a set of Imperial Knights to go with my clients custom Tyrant's Legion force.

These were provided to me assembled and ready to prime. My client magnetized these so he can change out the arms so I'll have a few extra sets to paint up.

After priming the models I base coated them with a red spray and cleaned that up with a brush and Mephistion Red. All the metal parts were painted gunmetal gray and I began painting the trim with a bone color.

The next steps will be to wash the model with earthshade, paint the base and then go in and do the highlights. I'm doing these are part of a trade for a custom gaming table he'll be building for me so there's not a rush and I'll take my time doing some fun stuff with these models. I have to be careful to not get carried away as the army these are meant to go with are a very basic 3-Color+ level.