On the painting table ... marines and more

Warhammer 40,000 – I'm currently working on a large number of Space Marines as well as several other sets of models. The marines will belong to the Orange Scar list I did earlier this year. My client picked up several boxes to expand his force to be able to run the Kayun formations.

Painting on these follows the same formula I've been using. A base coat of Jockero Orange, pick out the metallic bits with gunmetal metallic and add the accents of Mephistion Red. Once that's done I liberally apply a wash of Agrax Earthshade and let that dry. Once the wash has dried completely I go through and pick out the skulls and other accents with a bone white color. After this it's just the green eyes and any touch-ups required.

This process makes it easy for me to quickly get the models painted in large batches.

After wrapping the infantry I'll move on to the vehicles and decals. This should be back in my clients hands before mid-month.

The assassin project is slowly moving along. I've opted to paint each team to match one of my recent commissions color schemes. It will make them stand out on the table top as they are unusual colors for assassins and will make it easy to tell the groups apart on the table top.

Once these are wrapped up I have a few more Angels Sanguine to do and then I need to get 10,000 points ready for a New Year's Apoc Battle. We're going to play 40K of 40K to kick off the New Year. Right now it looks like I'm paired with a Salamanders player  facing off against Chaos Marines and a Tyrant's Legion list.