Happy New Year! Resolutions?

2015 was a busy year for me. Of course none of my projects got done. Which is not to say I haven't painted quite a bit. I've completed (9) Warhammer 40k armies (most of which were 2,500 points or more), (1) Relic Knight Cadre, (1) Warmachine army, (2) Wild West Exodus crews and (3) showpiece D&D models.

Commissions have been mostly army scale projects which means I've been focused on Warhammer 40K, I did have a few smaller scale jobs with some Wild West Exodus, Relic Knights and D&D miniatures. I won't go into a full review as you can see month by month on the side menu. 

My personal projects have been taking a back seat to commissions which is great but I plan to put some time aside to work on my own forces more in 2016. That said I might as well get going with my resolutions for 2016.

• Paint to completion a 2,000 Point list and play it consecutively for at least 5 games. I'm one who like to try losts of different army lists and will play something different every week. I used to build a list and play it until I got board. Back then I was much better at 40K. I think if I focus on completing one thing before moving on a playing it over and over I'll get more enjoyment from the time I have to play the game.

• Refrain from buying new models until I complete what I already own. This one is hard I try to do it every year and inevitably fail. Be it some Kickstarter with "deals to good to pass up" or "limited edtion models" something always comes up that screams buy me know or you'll regret it. 

• Play a full campaign of Kingdom Death. I really like this game, my play group was able to get into it for a few sessions and then got distracted. I think if I can build and paint the core set and play through a full game I'll be happy. Hopefully the expansions will deliver this year so I can cross this off as a completed Kickstarter.

• Play a Board Game a Month. This is a new one for me, as I continue to amass a collection of various board games but seem to have less time to actually play them. My plan is to play at least one board game each each month. This could be something traditional like Candyland with my kids, head-to-head Small World with my wife or a more complicated game with a group. So long as a play a game a month they should collect less dust, and I should be a happier gamer.

• Finish Pokemon Omega Ruby. My wife and kids got me a 3DS XL for my birthday and I need to make time to play it. The game is really fun and if I don't take a break for myself every now and then I'll be sad.

• Teach my kids how to build stuff and make time to play. My son got an Arlo Good Dinosaur toy for Christmas, as he was reading along with the book he decided he need a Silo so he could leave his mark. This is a good chance to teach him how to build a model out of foam and junk. Passing these skills along at a young age will only benefit them as the grow.

• Post more regularly. I did a pretty good job last year averaging about seven posts a month. My problem is a big project comes along and it eats my time so I don't post progress. I think aiming for 2-3 posts a week would be ideal and should help drive traffic. I've unfortunately also become less than active on the various message boards I belong to. If course since many of my projects this last year have been 40k related I haven't been posting to those boards. Perhaps I should give Dakka another try as well as Bolter and Chainsword. Any suggestions on good cross promotion sites?