Putting it together - Post Christmas

Warhammer 40,000 – This year I got just a few models to add to my forces. I took the time to quickly put together some of them to cover options that I didn't previously have with these new kits. (Namely more Grav.)

I had a total of two devastator kits, a scout bike squad (plus an extra model), and a land speeder. I built up another multi-melta squad and a grav-cannon squad. For the scout bikes I built the cheapest option for the three and then with the extra model added the grenade launcher. The land speeder I built with a missile rack and multi-melta.

I really enjoy the Space Marine kits, they're flexible and always have a tone of options. I'll probably dig through my bits box and add some additional details to these models but I really wanted to get them on the table ASAP to try out some new ideas I had.

I previously wasn't a fan of the land speeders but having used them more I'm seeing they're benefits.