Identifying the Dawn Spears (White Scars Alternate)

Warhammer 40,000 – The first group of Orange White Scars is done, I'm not 100% sure what my client is calling his chapter but the logo he gave me for their shoulder pads is a sun with a spear. If I would hazard a guess or was naming them myself I'd go with Dawn Spears. 

I redrew and resized the jpg I was provided to create a vector design that would scale well for the various sizes I'll need for this job. I them printed the design I made onto a laser printer waterslide decal sheet. I've found that the laser sheets work better than the inkjet sheets because toner isn't water soluble (ie the black doesn't bleed). The paper I have is significantly thicker than what you get on the GW sheets so it requires a little more work to make them look great. I use microsol and microset they cause the waterslide material to melt into the model and conform to the curves. 

The best way to apply these is to coat the area you want to apply the decal to with a gloss varnish. After that's dried put your decal in warm water and apply Microset to the area you just varnished. Slide the decal off the backing paper and into place, apply a little more Microset to the top of the decal and allow it to soften for a little while and then soak up the excess liquid with a paper towel. If the decal isn't conforming to the surface well enough then apply Microsol and allow that to dry, when you come back to it the decal should be smooth and look like it's part of the surface. At this point it's a good idea to apply a top coat of gloss varnish on top of the decal to protect it. You can apply a matte finish after but the gloss does a better job protecting the decals.