On the painting table ... Grey Knights

Warhammer 40,000 – The second half of the Grey Knights commission I'm working on consists of two stormravens, three dreadnoughts, and two nemesis dreadknights. These go along with the last batch of models and are in the same three color + level of painting. It seems that this is a very popular level as it's not to costly and the models look great on the tabletop.

When working on larger models like this I tend to group them by type and paint each color on each model before going back to the first one to start the next color. Since this level of painting requires no blending this method is very fast and allows me to truck through each color quickly before applying the appropriate wash. Once the washes have dried I go back and do any clean up caused by pooling or dripping. With the current GW washes I've noticed that there doesn't see to be as much issue with pooling as with previous formulations. It can get tricky with large flat surfaces like the storm ravens so I have noticed a bit more work in the clean-up stage for these models. With more rounded or smaller models you'll hardly ever have an issue.

As these models are supposed to match up with the rest of what was already painted I tried to keep away from doing true metallics for the most part. It's tricky trying to match up a significantly better paint job with the lowest level I offer however I think these models look pretty good and the colors match well enough that they look like they belong with the rest of the collection.

So far I have the two dreadknights and dreadnoughts completed. The stormravens still have a bit more work before I can call them done. My goal is to wrap them up ASAP as I have a large marine job and more of the chaos marine job that are coming through soon. It feels good to be grinding on these army scale jobs after doing so many single model jobs for small scale skirmish games.