Finding Gold - Time Saver

Hobby Tip – Recently I was at a local art store picking up so supplies for a silk-screening project I'm working on and saw that they had a sale on Montana Gold spray paint. I've heard of it before but never tried it out because of the price and lack of project to use it on. 

Since it was on sale for about the same price as regular spray paint I figured I'd give it a try. Having a bunch of random models that need a base coat it was worth trying it out.

For those of you not familiar Montana Gold is a premium acrylic spray paint. It's used primarily for graffiti art from what I can gather. It comes in a huge variety of colors and I was surprised to see the exact shade of purple I used for my marines. I'm sure you could find a match to most of the GW base colors in this line.

So to test this out I took one of my drop pods and primed it grey just like I normally would.

Once that dried I busted out the can of paint and shook it for the suggested time pressed down on the nozzle and nothing happened. After the third try I was getting upset and tried calling the store only to realize it was after hours. I looked it up online and couldn't find any answers to why it wouldn't work. 

Just when I was ready to toss the can and count my losses I noticed so teeny tiny writing on the side of the can that mentioned a safety disk. Confused I popped off the nozzle head and sure enough there was a small plastic disk that had to be removed before I could spray. Man did I feel like a tool...

After spraying my test model I was thrilled. There is a slight satin finish to the paint so it will take some getting used to painting over but the time savings is so worth it. I was able to base coat several drop pods and a knight in just few minutes. So this is definitely a product I'll be looking at using in the future to cut corners. It's also a nice enough finish that I can get a three color minimum on my models and on the table much faster.