On the painting table ... Gods of DnD

Dungeons and Dragons – I just started work on a new commission project that is a bit different from what i normally work on. Most of the miniatures that come across my table are for tabletop games war games it's not very often that I get to paint up models for an RPG. 

My client is running a DnD game and recently got some pretty amazing models to use as gods in his Princes of the Apocalypse game. These models are going to wind up painted to my highest level, so you can expect to see WIP posts on these a few times before they are completed.

He provided me with a backstory for each model which helped get the ideas flowing for how they should be based, in addition he asked for a general color scheme for each model. 

First up is the god of war, this model with have a gold theme and will be based on a desolate lava field base. I used one of my hell-scape resin bases as a starting point for the base and added in some additional details. With high end commissions like this I share each phase with the client to make sure we're on the same page. This photo is a basic color block with a light wash to bring out the details. 

Next is a earth god this model will have a green theme and will have a swampy base. For the base I used a crystal and some cork to build up the area where the model will stand. once it's done the base will have lots of various types of vegetation to fill in the gaps.

Finally is the god of magic, this will have a purple theme and a crystal infested base. I started with a cork base since it's always a good place to start when you want an otherworldly look. From there I cast up some crystals out of resin and applied them to the base. Using decorator sand I filled the gaps and mounted the model to the base. This photo is a basic color block with a light wash to bring out the details. I may try to do a source lighting effect from the crystals.

More to come as I get further along in this project.