On the painting table ... Relic Sicaran

Warhammer 40,000 – Recently I found a really good deal on a Relic Sicaran Tank on ebay so I decided to add to my collection of Forgeworld items. The Sicaran is a nifty fast tank that has a serious rate of fire and can be upgrade to not to shabby armor. It's pretty reasonably pointed as well and since I love to run Techmarines I can run it with my Landraider Achilles in a fairly balanced 2,000 point list. 

The model had the expected amount of flash for a Forgeworld piece. Mine had some bent gun barrels which require heating and re-bending and one of the lascannons was missing the site fin. I haven't decided if I should fix it, just trim the other one off, or call it battle damage. After washing all the mold release off I tracked down a video showing how to put the thing together (because mine didn't come with instructions and oddly enough they don't have them as downloadable on their website). I dry fit everything before busting out the glue, my previous experience of holding multiple parts together with wet glue because they didn't fit flush has taught me to take the time to be sure before I glue.

Thankfully all the tracks come as one piece on this model so it's really simple to put together. I had the whole thing done in an evening with only small chunks of skin missing from my fingers. (I kid, I kid, it was more like a lizard skin of gorilla glue over most of my digits. Neat trick baby oil and a green scrub pad takes it right off with minimal discomfort).

Once it was all together I primed it and used the Montana Gold spray paint I found to put down a layer of purple for a base. After a second layer of purple and a wash I was ready to do some edge highlighting and get it ready to play. I still have some work to do on it and decals to apply by at this point I can at least get it on the table matching the rest of my force.