On the painting table ... Dark Master

Warhammer 40,000 – Finally I'm through the bulk of the cultists for this chaos space marine commission I've grinding away at. Now I'm starting to see some of the more interesting models for the force. First on the table is Belakor. This nasty beast has a data sheet that allows you to use him as an HQ choice in a chaos space marine or chaos daemon list. A flying monsterous creature with invisibility can ruin your day if you're not expecting it. So my client obviously wants him as a center piece for his army.

So far I've got the colors blocked in, washes done and have begun the layers of highlights. my primary focus so far has been getting the glow right on his sword. As with the Princes of the Apocalypse I've been working on I'm experimenting with flourescent paints to accomplish the glow effect.