On the painting table ... Glorious Grey Knights

Warhammer 40,000 – The next batch of 46 infantry models are done for this Grey Knight force. This commission rounds out the other Grey Knight models I painted up a few months ago. My client opted for a basic three color job with a wash and gravel base. He also opted for a matte clearcoat, which is slightly more difficult to apply then a heavy gloss coat.

The pattern for painting these is the same as the last batch I did: 

• Light grey base followed by black wash

• Pick out details with red, bone, yellow and black

• Wash earthshade

• Pick out white details

• Paint base deep blue. dry brush slate blue 

Quick and easy and they look really sharp on the table. Up close you can see they don't have the same level of detail as my other stuff but for army scale games you can typically get away with that for the grunts.

I'll get some better photos of these and post them to the gallery. Shots from my work table are good to show progress but the lighting isn't so great so I'll set up a rig and reshoot.