Kompleted Khador

Warmachine – The first part of my Khador commission is wrapped up and delivered to my client. He was so happy with the results that he gave me another pile of models to paint to match the rest of the force.

It was fun painting these up and awfully tempting to take a look at Warmachine again. (I probably won't as i have too many games I'm not playing as it is ... but I do lament selling off all my metal models.)

After doing the final highlights and picking out all the rivets I mixed up snow flock with glue, white paint and water to make a paste which I applied to the base and immersed it in loose flock. Once it dried I blow off the loose flock and dust the base to be sure it hasn't stuck to any other part of the model.

A quick matte coating and the models are ready to se the tabletop. You can see more photos of the completed models in the gallery.