Howl at the Moon ... Space Wolf WIP

Warhammer 40,000 – The air is getting brisk around here. It must mean winter is coming. Or maybe it's just these test models for a new client. 

Currently my client has generic marine force he's had foe quite some time. I guess he hasn't played in a few editions and is getting back into the game with guns blazing. He's decided that instead of generic marines he wants to play Space Wolves and will mix the existing models he has in with some newer wolf models. It sounds like a solid plan to me and really with the existing force he has it wouldn't be hard to switch back to the generic marine book if he was so inclined.

To get this started he gave me a few spare models to do some test schemes with. He likes how Space Wolves look but also wants to have something unique to play with.

The first model was based coated with a slate grey color and washed with a blue wash. This gives a more traditional wolf color. To accent this I opted for a red and black shoulder pad pattern that will eventually feature a custom decal if the job moves forward with this option.

The second was painted with the same slate grey but then washed with a black wash. Which gives a more neutral grey color. Yellow and black are the accent colors with this choice, as with the above a custom decal will be added if he opts for this choice.

After reviewing the first go at these he asked to have accent colors applied to the rear of the model. Apparently he has a history of forgetting models on the table and wants something to help him see them from behind.