Making Room – Steals and Deals

Random – I've reached that critical mass stage again where I am running out of room to keep my hobby area organized. In an effort to make room for some new projects and clean out some space I'm selling off some things that I don't seem to have time or interest in playing.

First up is Deadzone, I never really connected with this game. The universe is cool and the system was fun but my group leans more toward the 40k side of things when it comes to science fiction games. I had every intention of getting these models completed because they are really unique but I can't commit to another universe right now. So you can find some great deals on enforcers, marauders, rebels, and the plague

Next up is a Frostgrave Rulebook, (my sister got it for me for Christmas and gave it to me in July, well after I had already bought the book for myself and Amazon won't take it as a return) I don't really need two of them as the rules are pretty quick and simple so I'm also selling that for a deal.

The rest of the stuff is pretty random a bag of metal Battletech minis, a box game from Twilight Creations called When Darkness Comes (great for your Halloween game), some Epic Eldar and a few other things. Check them out an take advantage of the deals. If you purchase any of the minis I have up for sale on ebay during the month of October I'll give 10% off my painting service for those models.