On the painting table ... See you at the Crossroads

Malifaux – Man that song brings me back to high school, its a shame that group didn't last long after Eazy-E passed on. Enough about that today I'm talking about another band, the Crossroads Seven from Malifaux. I've been out of touch with this game since the change to second edition but it appears to be a band made up of a member of every faction.

I honestly don't miss putting together these plastics, they're super small at most joins and the online instructions aren't the clearest. At least with all the models being plastic the polystyrene cement I use works great and there's no need to pin. I'm going to have a few seams to smooth out but for the most part these went together smoothly.

This should be a fun project. The whold band will match in a black and white pattern with details for each faction called out in their accessories.